Don’t miss the SIOP Educational Day for Young Investigators 

The SIOP Board and the SIOP YI-NET (SIOP Young Investigators Committee) have put together a programme specifically designed for Young Investigators.

Whether you are a clinician or a researcher, these sessions will enable you to interact with experts and fellow Young Investigators. Plan ahead to make sure you register for this day!

Educational Day Sessions and Speakers (Wednesday, October 14, 2020; 08:15-17:15)

To register for the Educational Day lectures and workshops, please go to the registration congress page here


Joint session with PODC: Building Your Career In Pediatric Oncology

How I Built a Successful Research Career: Learning from my Failures

  • Eric N. Bouffet, Canada

Getting Published in Pediatric Cancer (Q&A)

  • Peter Newburger and Thomas Gross, United States of America

Joint Nursing, YI And PPO Session-Breaking Bad News: Team-Based Patient And Family Centered Communication

The Day One Video and Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion

  • Justin N. Baker, United States of America
  • Jennifer W. Mack, United States of America
  • Malin Lövgren, Sweden
  • Sarah Cohen-Gogo, Canada
  • Wendy Avery, United States of America
  • Joanna A. Lyman, United States of America
  • Maru Barrera, Canada
  • Gemma Bryan, United Kingdom
  • Courtney E. Sullivan, United States of America

Expanding Research Methods and Opportunities

How to Get Involved in International Big Database Research, INRG and Beyond

  • Andrew D. Pearson, United Kingdom
  • Susan L. Cohn, United States of America
  • Meredith Irwin, Canada

How to Conduct Mixed Methods Research: Lessons Learned from the BrightLight Study

  • Faith Gibson, United Kingdom

Mentorship, Wellness, and Immunotherapy

Building Bridges: Seeking Mentorship over Distance

  • Carlos Rodriguez-Gallindo, United States of America

Work Life Balance: The Importance of Wellness while Working in Pediatric Oncology

  • Margaretha Stenmarker, Sweden

Immunology Back to Basics: An Introduction to Immunotherapy

  • Karin Straathof, United Kingdom

YI Expert Lunch (Wednesday, October 14, 2020; 12:00-13:30)

Table 1: Adolescent and Young Adults 
David R. Freyer, United States of America

Table 2: Early Phase Clinical Trials
Cornelis M Van Tilburg, Germany

Table 3: Developmental Therapeutics
Daniel Morgenstern, Canada

Table 4: Sarcomas
Sara Federico, United States of America

Table 5: Palliative Care
Dawn Davies, Canada

Table 6: Neuroblastoma
Meredith Irwin, Canada

Table 7: Psycho-oncology
Martha A. Grootenhuis, Netherlands

Table 8: Supportive Care
Lee Dupuis, Canada

Table 9: Leukemia
Donna Johnston, Canada

Table 10: Brain Tumors
Francois Doz, France

Table 11: Nutrition
Ronald Barr, Canada

Table 12: PODC
Julia Challinor, United States of America

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*Please note that pre-registration is required for the YI Expert Lunch and space is limited! We recommend you register at your earliest convenience to guarantee your participation.   

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