Late Breaking Abstract Submission for SIOP 2020 is now closed.
For more information please click here.

Abstract Submission for SIOP 2020 is now closed.

Review the abstract topics and start preparing your submission.


Disease Orientated *

    •  Haematology
      • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
      • Myeloid Leukemias, Myelodysplastic and Myeloproliferative Syndromes
      • Lymphomas
      • Stem Cell Transplantation
    • Solid Non Brain Tumours 
      • Neuroblastoma
      • Renal Tumours
      • Bone Tumours
      • Soft Tissue Sarcomas
      • Retinoblastoma
      • Liver Tumours
      • Germ Cell Tumours
      • Rare Tumours and Histiocytosis
    • Brain Tumours


    • Treatment and Care
      • Surgery (IPSO)
      • Radiation Oncology (PROS)
      • New Drugs/Experimental Therapeutics
      • Supportive Care and Palliative Care
      • Psychosocial (PPO)
      • Nursing
      • Tumour Immunology and Immunotherapy
      • Transdisciplinary Tumor Biology and Cancer Predisposition
    • Epidemiology and Pathways of Care
    • Survivorship
    • Childhood Cancer International (CCI)

*Surgical abstracts are welcome to be submitted under the main SIOP Program, but please note the separate category under “Disciplines”- Surgery (IPSO)


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