Virtual conferences are new to most of us. To help you smoothly adapt to this new and exciting experience we have prepared a short video and some steps to follow below:

Enter the Virtual Conference platform

  • Go to the Virtual Conference login page
  • Type in the login credentials you received via email (you must have a valid registration, to get access to the platform)
  • Click on “Sign in”

Click and explore the virtual venue!

  • At the Virtual Conference, clicking on text and display screens will often take you to further information and features
  • All areas marked in red below are clickable items that will open new screens with information for you

From here on, you can:

Click on the “Scientific Programme” screen in the lobby

You will see the programme at a glance. Here you can have a quick view of the programme and:

  1. Download it in PDF or
  2. Print it for your reference

Click on the “Live Sessions” label in the Congress lobby

You will be taken to a new hall.

Click on the screen to see the upcoming live sessions.

You will see the list of SIOP 2020 live sessions

  1. You can browse the sessions in the different halls
  2. You can search for a specific session
  3. If a session hasn’t started yet, you will see a countdown showing you how much time there is until this session instead.

If a session is already live, you will see a button “Join

  • Click on this button to access the session.

To watch the session click on “Enter Webinar

Make sure to click on “Unmute” to hear the speakers’ presentations

Ask and send your questions to the session members via the live Q&A

Click on the “Sessions On Demand” label in the Congress lobby

Find the session you want to watch in the program and click on its title.

Sessions broadcasted live will appear within 2-12 hours after they have finished

Click on Webcast to start watching a session

Enter the “Networking Lounge” from the lobby

Click on “Chat Room

You will see the list of chat rooms you are automatically included in on the left.

You can look for more chatrooms, by clicking on “join other chatrooms

A new window with a list of the available chat rooms will open up. On it, you can:

  1. Click and select the chatroom you want to join
  2. Add the selected chatroom to your list by clicking on “save”

Click on “E-Posters” from the lobby

  • Browse through the list of e-Posters or use the search function
  • Click on the e-poster you want to see, to open it
  • Zoom in and out to comfortably read all the details
  • Send a message to the e-Poster author
    • Our abstract authors are available to answer questions and collaborate with you during the congress dates

Click on “Exhibition” in the Congress lobby

Scroll through the list of booths in the hall and click on the ones you want to visit.

You can click on the pictures to learn more about each exhibitor.

After you enter a specific booth you can:

  1. Learn more about the exhibitor
  2. View their videos or downloadable materials – view the files you are interested in, and add them to your conference bag. You can send them to your email later
  3. Check out the booth’s menu, from here you can go to the company’s website, chat with the booth representatives (you will be redirected to the Networking Lounge, in the online chat area), and find more useful information

Click on “List of Participants” in the Congress lobby

Click on the country flag on the map, or on the flag and name in the list at the bottom, to view the list of participants from this particular country.

A list of the participants from this country will pop up.

  1. If you would like to contact anyone from the list, click on the email sign after their name.
  2. Or you can search for a delegate by typing their name in the search bar.

Write your message and click “Send

Ready to explore the SIOP 2020 Virtual Platform? Click below

(The platform will be accessible shortly before the Congress on October 14)

Need additional assistance? E-mail us at