SIOP is for all those engaged in paediatric oncology.

The SIOP Congress programme highlights traditionally include:

  • Keynote Lectures and Symposia
  • A Young Investigator Programme
  • Meet the Experts
  • Educational Lectures
  • Free Paper Sessions, and Poster Viewing and Discussions
  • Specialist Sessions on Paediatric Surgical Oncology (IPSO)
  • Specialist Sessions on Paediatric Radiation Oncology (PROS)
  • Specialist Sessions for Developing Countries (PODC)
  • Specialist Sessions on Paediatric Psycho-Oncology (PPO)
  • Specialist Sessions for Nursing
  • Award Lectures and Networking Opportunities


Take a look at some of the SIOP 2020 programme highlights below:

* Please note the programme highlights are subject to change

D’angio Lecture: Focalized Radiotherapy to Convert the Tumour into an “In Situ”, Individualized Vaccine

Silvia Chiara Formenti (USA)

Palliative Care

Joanne Wolfe (USA)

Symptoms Experienced by Children and Adolescents During Cancer Treatment

Marilyn Hockenberry (USA)

Constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency and Paediatric Cancer

Uri Tabori (Canada)

Developing and Testing Epigenetic Therapy in Pаediatric Cancer

Poul Sorensen (Canada)

IPSO: Guided Surgery

Eiso Hiyama (Japan)

Tumor Board: Rhabdomyosarcoma case

Invited Speakers: Lesleigh Abbott, Kerri Highmore, Lynn Chang, Dina El Demellawy, Canada

Tumor Board: ETMR case

Invited Speakers: Hallie Coltin, Julie Hurteau, David McAuley, Canada

Everything You Wanted to Know About Single Cell Sequencing

Invited Speaker: Kathrin Bernt, USA

The Risks and Potential Benefits of Cannabinoid Therapy in Pediatric Oncology

Invited Speaker: Taylor Lougheed, Canada

Unique Issues of Cancer in Children with Down Syndrome

Invited Speaker: Hans Hitzler, Canada

Promoting Health and Well-Being Among Health Providers in Pediatric Cancer

Invited Speaker: Caroline Gerin-Lajoie, Canada

Melanoma in Children

Invited Speaker: TBD

New Biological Findings and Clinical Trials in Histiocytosis And Histiocytic Disorders Histiocytoses 2020: New insights and therapeutic opportunities

Convener: Carl Allen, USA

AML: New Discoveries and New Therapies

Convener: Gertjan Kaspers, The Netherlands

Management of Limb Non-RMS Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Chairs: Anita Mahajan, Rolf Kortman

Modern Treatment of Desmoid Tumors

Convener: Pablo Lobos, Argentina

My Child Matters (MCM) – Advocacy Symposium: SIOP and the Global Initiative Against Childhood Cancer

Convenor: Kathy Pritchard Jones, UK

New Developments in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation

Convener: Kirk Schultz, Canada

New Developments in the Biology and Treatment of Gliomas in Children and Adolescents

Convener: Darren Hargrave, UK