SIOP webcasts bring you some of the most exciting talks from SIOP 2019.

Evidence-Based Medicine: Implementing Best Practices And Dispelling Myths

Bob Phillips (UK)

Novel Approaches for Brain Repair and Cognitive Recovery in Paediatric Brain Tumour Survivors

Donald Mabbott (Canada)

International Baseline Standards For Pediatric Oncology:  An Interdisciplinary Approach To Achieving Equity In Care Delivery

Sarah Day (USA)

D’Angio lecture: Expertise In Radiation Oncology: Who Has It And Who Defines It?

Edward Halperin (USA)

Bringing Genomics to the Operating Room

Sabine Sarnacki (France)

Failure is Success in Progress

Kathy Pritchard-Jones

My Child Matters (MCM) Symposium: Advancing Nutritional Education And Research In LMICS

Long-term Follow-up Care for Children and Adolescents with Cancer

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